Stiltlife combines singing, music, movement and mime with beauty, character and humour.

New – LED luminous Walkabout Act LIGHT

"There is no change from darkness to light without emotion" C.G. Jung

Our light family has grown. Just now she has arrived on earth: the Child of Light (COL), our light princess from outer space. She is accompanied by her faithful Guide of Light (GOL). Together they are a high-tech LED Walkact, a living light artwork and they bring us  earthlings joy and boundless astonishment.

COL and GOL come from Pluto, and are very curious about how people live on earth. They watch us carefully, imitate us, try to learn our language and understand something of our habits. Being giant they are particularly fond of the small versions of us people. Precisely children! They'd talk to them in their own language, and children and adults do their utmost best to understand what they mean.

COL and GOL are dunned with a suit of hundreds of LED light objects, controlled by a small computer in the helmet of the giant. The lights cling to them like friendly little creatures.Spectacular technology, but ultimately it's all about the boundless joy that The GUIDE OF LIGHT radiates. A sparkling act with the WOW factor!

The press about LIGHT
The audience award goes to the most spectacular design of the evening: a dress full of lights that exploded in an explosive light show on the catwalk. In the end, only a big red heart remains blinking. Designer Annette Hildebrand who invents Acts for Street Theater, wanted to tell a story with lights, she says. "I am very happy with the Audience Award, it's for them I'm doing theater." She also won the award in the category Techno Art: her dress is packed with (digital) technology.

Audience Award 2016 (WAAH! Wearable Art Awards Holland)
Award Techno-art 2016 (WAAH! Wearable Art Awards Holland)
Künstler des Jahres 2015
Finale WOW (World of Wearable Art) New Zealand 2014

Guide of Light
The brandnew Guide of Light is a hightech walkact, a mobile light-performance and an allways merry and naughty giant in one!
The Guide of Light is carrying a creation with hundreds of LED-lights controlled by a small computer in the giant's helmet.
Guide of Light is a creation by Stiltlife supported by Dutchband.

Guide of LightGuide of LightGuide of Light

Mysteriously humming, the Angel of Amsterdam, with delicate wings stretched out like a butterfy, f oats through the streets. Surrounded by light and a hint of mist the Angel is a bright beacon in the night. The Angel can also appear in Gold.

We can hear the Re-Cyclists coming from afar with their Re-Cycle Song, when they cross our cities looking for re-usable rubbish. Full of jokes they offer proof: Recycling is sexy!

Stiltlife Re-CyclistsStiltlife - Re-CylistsStiltlife Re-CyclistsStiltlife Re-CyclistsStiltlife Re-Cyclists

With the name Re-Design Stiltlife makes spectacular costumes and playful theatre acts using materials that your company works with on a daily basis. During the Re-Cyclists Workshop you learn how to make clothes and accessories out of recycled materials.


Stiltlife Re-Cyclists

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