Stiltlife combines singing, music, movement and mime with beauty, character andhumour.

Guide of Light
The brandnew Guide of Light is a hightech walkact, a mobile light-performance and an allways merry and naughty giant in one!
The Guide of Light is carrying a creation with hundreds of LED-lights controlled by a small computer in the giant's helmet.
Guide of Light is a creation by Stiltlife supported by Dutchband.

Guide of LightGuide of LightGuide of Light

Mysteriously humming, the Angel of Amsterdam, with delicate wings stretched out like a butterfy, f oats through the streets. Surrounded by light and a hint of mist the Angel is a bright beacon in the night.

Stiltlife - EngelStiltlife EngelStiltlife - EngelStiltlife - Engel

We can hear the Re-Cyclists coming from afar with their Re-Cycle Song, when they cross our cities looking for re-usable rubbish. Full of jokes they offer proof: Recycling is sexy!

Stiltlife Re-CyclistsStiltlife - Re-CylistsStiltlife Re-CyclistsStiltlife Re-CyclistsStiltlife Re-Cyclists

With the name Re-Design Stiltlife makes spectacular costumes and playful theatre acts using materials that your company works with on a daily basis. During the Re-Cyclists Workshop you learn how to make clothes and accessories out of recycled materials.


Stiltlife Re-Cyclists

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