The Slampampers

Over the last few decades "the Slampampers" have proven to be one of Europe's finest music-streetperforming bands.
Dazzling performances all over the globe,a mini-bigband "putting on the jive" allways pushing themselves to the limits of musical comedy.
Putting on a feel-good show that will make audiences laugh,cry and enjoy Are you ready for a "slamtastic" experience ?. "Push !"  
a show you don't wanna miss you ?

The Slampampers is a trio consisting drums, double bass saxophone and lots of close-harmony singing.
Being experienced comedian-performers (on streets, stages and theatre)they will perform a hilarious (jazz)music-comedy show based on, and inspired by music from the 40ties/50ties....jumpin’jive and  lots of unique modern stuff.

The Slampampers do:
CORPORATE-ACTS (on demand)