Iris, Arco, Yingarna en Tidda are the Rainbow Folks. They experience life through a golden glow of warmth in their playground of light and laughter beyond the rainbow, they only are tempted to come out and explore for festivals and parties. The Rainbow Folks are not from this world and this leads to very special encounters. The Rainbow Folks share colour, fun, dance and playfulness. The enormous positivity they radiate makes them even glow in the dark. Dressed in beautiful colourful creations, Iris, Arco, Yingarna and Tidda make earth their stage. Walking tall and dancing they are accompanied by Tidda who sometimes appears as a didgeridoo musician. Siddhartha is the joker and jumps happily around on his jumpstilts. This stiltwalkabout and dance act will leave an unforgettable impression.

Rainbow FolksRainbow FolksRainbow Folks