Theater Quatsch use their experience and creativity to create special acts, and presentations which can be performed for any audience at festivals, parties, fairs and during other events.


Table Magic
Nostalgic magic in a modern fashion.
Johan Jansen works his magic at any memorable occasion. Whether it's an informal reception or a formal function, Johan will surpirse you with his fabulous tricks.
Magic with average magic attributes like playing cards is alternated with everyday objects. Entertainment that will be a great addition to any party.

Hassan, the oriental merchant
Hassan is the man for your flying carpets, water, rope and matching words. This merchant is eloquent and captures the audience in a magicl way.

Dr. Q’s Magisteral Fleacircus
Go back in time and take a look at the smallest circus in the world, inhabited by the tiniest artists: fleas! Small in size, great in action!
Watch how these small creatures pull along a carriage, seek their balance on a giant ball and perfectly perform the unparralelled stunt of the living canonball!! Furthermore you can witness the dubble looped salto on the tight rope with as grande finale: the jump of death (salto mortale) through a burning hoop!
And all of this is happening on the small playing spot of aprox. 900 cm2.
The commonly known and all respected “flea-ist/expert” dr. Q. presents this performance and enlards the spectacle with inytersesting know how about the consistent traing program and the special live these special artists have.
This travelling circus can perform from 5 till 30 minutes on various locations.