The women behind, Grada Peskens, Ineke Strating, Joke Welbedagt and Zjuul Burgering, always give an extra twist to your event, be it an animation or presentation. Skilled and with love these players welcome, accompany and entertain your guests. offers various standard characters (varying from solo acts to a quartet), such as the curious Jenny & Jannie, the sugary Candygirls, the logistic suits Kitty & Katja, the fat and enjoyable Doortje & Floortje, the Cherubs, the dopey waitresses Silvia & Sonja, the heartwarming musical spring or winter queen and clown Flea on her scooter.
The acts vary from a lot of talking and mobile to mimic and visual, always interactive and full of humour.
They are also experienced in delivering special requests; presentations, announcements, openings, teambuilding, workshops and many other possibilities. You ask and the ladies fullfil your wish!

Sylvia en Sonja                             Fairies                               Candy Girls                           Winter Queen