Niels Harder - Weirdo of Wonder

Niels Harder - foto's Martin Pluimers en William Rutten (rechts)
                           Foto's: Martin Pluimers                                                                                            Foto: William Rutten

Niels Harder – The Weirdo of Wonder
His acts abound with magic, comedy and out of this world fun and craziness. Niels Harder knows how to combine his bubbly personality with hilarious illusions like no other. His spectacular shows are full of tricks while his visual spectacle definitely has that 'wow-factor'. Has appeared on such TV programmes like: Super Talent Germany, ITV Britain's Got Talent, Avro-Tros Zapp De Magische Winkel (TV broadcaster Avro-Tros' Zapp The Magic Shop), Tros Bananasplit (Broadcaster Tros' Banana Split show) and SBS6 De Nieuwe Uri Geller (Broadcaster SBS' The New Uri Geller). One thing is certain: this time it won't be Niels but you pulling your hair out! Interested in hiring a comic magician and his crazy act?

During his show you are treated to hilarious demonstrations like the world's weirdest card trick, the Danny Snotter 0900-helpline and William's Amazing Water Taps. And don't forget his dangerous Sawing trick and Quillotuine-act! Will you survive?

Niels knew from a very young age that he wanted to be a performer. This born entertainer has more than earned his spurs in various productions and is considered a huge entertainment talent and unique among his peers. His new, self-created show is the next logical step in the promising career of this "Weirdo of Wonder".

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