La Donna Musicale
MadMen MusicMen bring charming and playful musical acts for events, trade fairs, shopping malls, openings, street festivals etc…

Buster Keaton Acoustic Band In beautiful costumes from the thirties: a treat for eyes and ears.

3 Crazy bakers
Finger licking good musical craziness.

The Shipmates
Very tough sea dogs.

MadMen ClassicMen
Classical music with a twist. The repertoire shows a lot of variety and is of all time: Jazz, Latin, Pop, French Chansons, Sing Along, Classical, Marching Music, performed both instrumentally and vocally.

MadMen FanfareMen
Crazy improvisation "fanfare" that surprises everytime they turn a classic into a crazy fanafre melody!

madMen MusicMen put many on the wrong track, surprise music lovers, and bring out smiles and laughter.