Heart of Diamond

Heart of Diamond Weird and wonderful stilt creatures Heart of Diamond makes beautiful stilt creatures, true to life and handmade, accurate to the tiniest detail. The Grasshoppers, Butterflies, Spiders and Dragonflies walk around, crawl along and flap about on the streets, in squares and in parks, and they do not hesitate to enter a theatre or hall. The Queen of the Sea and her unique floating bubbles is definitely a sight for sore eyes. Manga is a creation inspired by the well-known Japanese comics. The stilt ladies walk, dance and flirt all over the place. Other acts: Glamour Ladies, Kerstmissen, Warrior Babes, Fleur, Lady Sea Anemone.

More theatre on stilts can be found at: www.steltentheater.com

queen of the sea
                           Butterflies                                                                     Grasshoppers                                   Queen of the Sea

MangaLady Sea Anemone
      Manga                          Lady Sea Anemone