Clown, Tip Tap dancer, frustrated musician, elitary sportsman, haulage contractor, antique dealer, exhibitionist, chatty mime,… It is his intention to honour the continuous bittersweet failures of life, always counterbalanced with its passions and highlights. On stage, he finds a beautiful occasion for creating a new and ephemeral universe.

The big moment is getting nearer, the eager search of sporty sounds begins, modulated frequencies which tell stories of the King of sports, here comes the most expected of radiophonic events. At last, our hero manages to tune in … and immediately after, the sound gets lost again. Smashed by the accident, he plunges himself into an athmosphere of passionate parody of the beloved game, the pubic cheering and going crazy while he heads for his immaginary task, the goal of his life, in an epical race, ending up naked, an egg instead of the ball, spectacularly, enthusiastically, humorously... yet without succeeding…