An all-round duo with various amazing acts
‘Silla Sensuel’
A seductive, acrobatic tango in which duo Gi-Jo reaches a perfect balance between power and sensuality. A passionate duet on and around a chair. Duration approx. 10’.
Boris & Tasja
The audience meets Olim Nicolai who is plodding along heavily with a small covered wagon. A while later the old man proudly presents his “stars”: the dancing chimpanzees, Boris & Tasja. But… Aren’t they getting a bit too naughty? Can Olim still control them? This comic and hallucinatory act will arouse and stun your fantasy. Duration 20’.
Acrobatic act
In this sparkling and humorous act you will meet the ambitious Gina, who has to cooperate with Jonny, the latter not caring that much. Spectacular balancing with surprising interludes, subtle blackmail and implicit trust (almost that is!). A high-quality comic act packed with temperament and passion. Duration approx. 25’.

Boris & Tasja                                                 Fire act                                           Acrobatic act