Frank paints digital works of art on location for and with the audience. In his unparalleled style, he makes paintings on a large projec- tion screen within ten minutes. The audience may talk, call out, send tekst messages and consult with Frank. Your finished work of art will be sent to you by e-mail, printed on the spot on A3 size, or ironed on a T-shirt. He're some samples from his work. The video is a timelapse.

Frank Los: "Kunst Klaar terwijl u wacht!"Frank Los: "Kunst klaar terwijl u wacht!"


Have you ever seen a sum total of a caricaturist, a party poet, a clown and a stand-up comedian? Then you should see Frank Los. He seems to be off his rocker, but nevertheless knows exactly what to do to entertain his audience.
The thread of his act are the drawings, which he makes in three minutes. He is constantly looking for new “victims”, and many a thing can happen. Like a guided missile, improvising along, he knows how to captivate the audience.
Caricaturist Frank Los is a strange chap. Absent-mindedly and clumsily he moves through the audience, searching for new models. In fact, there is always something going wrong. Watching this funny performance, you’ll wonder whether such a person could possibly exist at all. Or is he also just pretending?