Dutch Juggler

A spectacular pop-up restaurant!
In this one-man show the Dutchjuggler is the chef, the waiter and the handyman.
There is a seat for 1 guest in the Cirq'aurant and the entire staff will do everything for the guest to make his experience as good as possible. A nice drink. ...appetizers with multiple dip sauces, ….a main course ... ... or maybe a pre-packaged ready made dish ?........ our guest will have the best time of it's life!
Whether the chef spins plates on sticks, throws the leeks through the air or juggles with all the ingredients....the whole show stands for a dose of top notch humor and action.
Now look at the possibilities of Cirq'aurant on your event, party or festival.
A spicy show from beginning to end!

Dutch Juggler   

May we invite you for a trip to the sun and the beach? We've created a huge aquarium with a complete "underwater" circus! In a 4.5 meter high transparent balloon a Circus show takes place in an underwater setting! A fairy tale for the whole family including juggler Jugglin'Jay, an acrobatic balance chairs, magic tricks and of course the famous comic acts clownsduo from Cirque Magnifique. (max. 3 x 30 minutes in a 4 hour period).


Also ask for his walkabouts, the Dutchjuggler streetshow with The Challenge (in which the audience may throw at him whatever they want him to juggle !) , the Light-Jugglers, the summershow Cirquarium and the spectacular Snowglobecircus wintershow.