Young, dynamic, interactive, comical and surprising! Duo Musa is with The Coat one of the sensations of the streettheatre season in Holland and Belgium.

Duo Musa - La Factoria

La Factoria
One takes an 8-meters high installation. The fantastic centerpiece of your festival. Add two worldclass circusartists. Put them in a story about a not so smoothly running lollipop factory. Cover it with a sauce of humor and slapstick. Finally a pinch of magic and it's time to feast this delicious show full of (aerial) acrobatics of the highest level.


'The Coat
A sizzling, high energy acrobatic show originating from a blend of Dutch-Kenyan talent, performed at a great height and incorporating a magical coat.
The 8 metres high installation can be set up in any location and will form a true eye-catcher for your festival!
Duo Musa has performed at festivals of international fame and in many theatres.
In this latest performance, both the chair balancing act and the breathtaking trapeze acts as previously shown during various major theatre productions and events are included.
In ‘The Coat’, Duo Musa combines forces like never before. The exciting acrobatic play featuring the coat is a true balance of power and strength from the artists, who also show a wonderful sense of humour whilst circus techniques are utilised to the utmost. In a comical manner the acrobats exchange the magical coat; creating a truly humoristic battle which is suitable for an audience of all ages.

Besides their streetshow Duo Musa has also (aerial) acts which can be performed indoors. A spectacular Limboshow, Balance act, Trapeze act and Tissu. Contact us for more information.

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