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Marty Le GrayganzenfanfareBig BugsBackupHarrie HarrewarPyromancer

  Street Thetare and Variety
The Lie Detector It's time to face the truth with our Lie Detector!!
Loco Brusco The Loco Brusca´s Dr Jekill & Mr Hyde  story, but modernised ?
Tres Loco's acrobatic, juggling musicians in one street show!
The Flying Dutchmen Great streetshow with unicycles. juggling, diabolo, fire and lots of humor!
Niels Harder Weirdo of Wonder, magic and comedy
Nelson great football trucs, panna and clinics
Bugs humouristic act with giant bugs!
De Ganzenfanfare a maitre tambour, a drummer and 10 goose: a Marching Goose Parade!
Duo Musa spectacular aerial streetshow with special outdooor trapeze construction
Funfare comical music act
Dutch Juggler, Cirq'aurant spectacular juggling shows, animations and workshops
The Pigeon Catcher The Pigeon Catcher: looking for Charles III, his top pigeon!
Duo Triali spectacular trampoline show
De Marionette / The Puppet a puppet player on stilts with a giant Puppet!
Henk Arnoldus table magic, kids magicshow, mental magic show
Theater Quatsch

magisteral Fleacircus, Headless Woman, table magic,

Pyromancer a merry mix of spectacular flames and comedy
De Literaire Snackbar poetic entertainment: literary snacks
Duo Gi-Jo acrobatic humoristic performers duo; several programs in- or outdoors: e.g. Boris & Tasja, Silla Sensuel
BackUp acrobatic cooks fighting over the menu!
Orikadabra the art of origami folding in a mobile theatre with short shows
Harrie Harrewar street theatre show with a dog and some ducks, lots of participation, funny!
  Aerial Acts  
Duo Musa aerial acrobatics, chair balance, trapeze, tissu and spectacular aerial streetshow with special outdooor trapeze construction

Queen of the SeaStiltlife - EngelSprinkhaan en Libellelotus ladiesStiltlife - Re-CylistsTerraBankstelPaljasBallerina
  Theatre on Stilts  
Theatre on Stilts our site dedidated to theatre on stilts with more tham 80 different acts!
Theatre on Stilts Heart Of Diamond Creatures of Nature, Creatures of the Sea, and more
Theatre on Stilts Stiltlife stiltgroup from Amsterdam with: Guide of Light, Re-Cyclists and the Angel of Amsterdam
  Living Statues  
Living Statues Living Statues our special website with more than 60 Living Statues. Surprising, historic, realistic or fantastic!

Zingende Booekettenfietsharmonie

Funfare comical mini parade with 3 musicians
Hans de Cock troubadour (vocal/accordion), orkestbak (musical bike act)
Slampampers fantastic musicians, great comedians!
High and Mighty musical duo on stilts!
Teatro Pachuco Pumpin Pianos swinging piano-duel
Lodewijk accordeonist, piano players, entertainer
Singing Flowers cheerful Singing Flowers and during the winter they have Singing Christmas Trees!
Topera, La Donna Musicale comical theatrical opera-acts, 2 - 3 performers
Poppie Power Beautifully dressed violinist playing the music you pull out of her dress!
Bicycletter great band... on a giant bike!
Ad Colen & Gé Bijvoet renowned jazz duo, saxophone / piano
Madmen comical musical trio, comes in different outfits
Fa. Rood en de Groot acoustic mobile musical duo
Jazzpanorama allround jazzcombo
't Looporkest mobile dixieland music, 4 or 5 musicians
Oost Fluor mobile sound funny acoustic trio, dutch repetoire
Padampadam acoustic mobile, french repetoire, duo, (accordion, vocals)
Pheasant Pluckers multi talented humoristic theatrical orchestra, 5 musicians/performers

Hiltoff, ElasticMinusmalArritmadosSaxophonemanDuo Musa

  International (street) acts  
Deux à la Tâche (ESP) comical streetshow and variety
Strange Comedy (CAN/USA) comical streetshow and variety
Herr Konrad (D) streetshow with juggling, unicycle etc.
Klirr deluxe (D) spectacular variety show "Comedy & Plates", streettheatre, animations and theatre on stilts
Ernest Magnifico (AUS) Hilarious streetshow with spectacular stunts
Hiltoff (ES) Clown, tapdancer, frustrated musician, elite sportsman, antiques dealer, exhibitionist, mimeplayer
Elastic Elastic (B) The Gag Man - Hilarious streetshow
Minusmal Minusmal (ES) Poetic puppetshow with "Simply Clara"
arritmados Arritmados (ES) The riskiest circus techniques combined with the most virtous music!
Teatro Pachuco The Grannies (UK) Streetanimations, The Grannies terrorise the streets with their tuned shopping trolleys.
Teatro Pachuco Teatro Pachuco (USA/B) o.a. Saxophone Man: poetic Mime act
Teatro Pachuco Geschwister Weisheit (D) Spectacular high rope group at great heights!
Teatro Pachuco Florin & Cato (D) varietyshow with dog
Teatro Pachuco Le Compagnie du Petit Monsieur (FR) acrobatic streetshow
Jeroen BusschersFrank LosPhotografisch Atelier

  Drawings / Portraits  
frank los Frank Los

entertaining poet and caricaturist, presenter / MC, kids show

The Party Photographer

mobile photostudio with: Studio Rembrandt, Studio 1900, Starstudio, Glamourstudio, Studio 60/70, karikatuurstudio and Coverstudio



Teatro Pachuco Stage! spectacular dancecompany with: CanCan, Festival Brasilien, Charleston, Saturday Night Fever, Mouliin Rouge, etc.
Hartendams: Mme JosephinePeskenz: ServeerstersHartendames: Mme AmorosaBallonartiest MichaPeskenz: ToiletdamesBalloonconcepts: BallonnenQueenHartnedames: Miss Make Believe

Animations - Walkabouts
Peskenz. female animation group, with several interactive comical animations,
up to 6 performers possible, e.g. Candygirls, Angels, Fairies
The Coffee Ladies The Coffee Ladies treat jour visitors to a taste.
Lammert Huizinga All kinds of walkabouts: The Mayor, Doorman, lackey, Joop etc. Special streetact: De Duivenvanger (Pigeon catcher)
Micha de Haan balloon artist
Leo Vandewoestijne freestyle unicyclist, juggler, cyclist waiter
Party Arts special party animations: e.g Tartière, Champagnière
Free Fantasy interactive humoristic animations, presentations: e.g. Zweef-engel

Kerst FunfareXmas CarolsScroogeZingende Kerstbomen

  Special Entertainment We a are proud to present you some of our finest Christmas and winteracts now also available for performances in Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and United Kingdom!


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Entertainers perform everywhere: in parks, on squares, in night clubs, on parties, wherever there are people who want to enjoy themselves. Fine International artists, presenting a broad range of theatre and music styles for indoor and outdoor events. They will delight and stun your audience with their originality, versatility, fantsay, humor, artistic skills and bold feats.
If you want more information about the possibilities, prices, etc., please contact us. We will advise you on the best possible entertainment for your specific event.