Deliver Love
What would happen if we combined the riskiest circus techniques and the most virtous music in one circus ring?!
You've already seen it? And what if we added an impressive red-head, with a fabulous voice and incredibly sexy with a gypsy acrobat with curls, sideburns and an insinuating moustache, with not only a wild body but also a marvelous guitar player?!
You've already seen that too? OK, What if all this was performed vigorously, with rapture and a burning passion, without losing the purist style and glamour from Alicante, overflowing with love and all covered in pink?!
It might sound absurd to some of you, and the fact is , it is!! With you for your pleasure the illogical thought, the extravagant behaviour and the lack of coherence of the circus: ARRITMADOS!