The roar of laughter following the unrehearsed joke. The bonfire of good company. The beatific smile after tasting something exquisite. That is what we're going for. If you are happy, we are happy. If you have a good time, we are right there with you. Making the world a better place. And letting our hearts lead the way in everything we say and do. That is the mission of Hartendames (Queens of Hearts).

Trump cards for a splendid party
Playing games is their passion, sense of humour their trademark. Having got the sack at the casino – where the ladies played fast and loose with the rules – they are now trying their luck at parties and events. Playing blackjack is easy, so everyone can join in and compete for a prize of 25,000 euros….

Our hearts beat for Holland
Kaatje & Keetje love Holland. How much do you really know, off the top of your head, about the Netherlands? You will find out when you play the quiz with questions on all-Dutch customs and traditions.

How Signora Amorosa promotes love...
A high-spirited act that you just have to hear, see and taste. She puts her guests at ease, engages into small talk and tells jokes. Signora Amorosa gives advice on love and distributes bags full of good fortune.

Sonali's Tarot
Are you craving for a dose of mysticism and spirituality? Treat your guests to answers, insights and prophecies. Sonali's tarot guarantees special moments and encounters.